solve conflict between push and local notification of cordova

Step 1: in platforms/android/




Step 2 : delete android-support-v4.jar from  platforms/android/libs


Step 3 : If you are getting android version problem

# Project target.

This should be done in two files:


Also the manifest should be updated:

<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="14" android:targetSdkVersion="22" />

tablet device should be have good driver support for testing

I know this one will not match my expectation but still. I have put it in my analysis list


Initial equipment for mobile development

Apple based laptop with wifi and linux dual os enabled.
for ios and iphone development
Costs around 1 Lakh

Windows based laptop with processor of i-series, wifi, 4GB ram and graphic card
for android emulator purpose.
for intel android development driver i-series process is needed.
Costs around 60 K

Android tab 8 to 11 inch for user input testing in application.
Branded by htc, samsumg or other such
for which drivers would be supported by adb and sdk
Costs around 20 K

Android mobile 3 – 5 inch for user interface testing in application for small mobiles.
Branded by htc, samsumg or other such
for which drivers would be supported by adb and sdk
Costs around 20 K

10 gb , 3G Airtel dongle for continues package management tools required for development
for connectivity with development equipments
Costs around 2 K/ per month

External Hard Disk Drive more than 500Gb size
for synchronizing data and backup purposes.

And enquipment required during development need to be managed.

Sub-domain, hosting folder and a mysql db for testing PHP rest services.

If you are targeting for other mobile application platforms such as amazon, window store,
nokia store, firefox, blackberry, etc.

An account should be made available for testing before any real time publishing of
application on any of said platform. No time constraints/measures could be fixed on
leading technologies errors and conflicts.

Further more things can added be added later as per project requirements and technology
prevailing in market.

Note : If these things need to be managed by myself than salary should paid on
1st day of every month for next 6 month. This could help me finance out these assets
from my side.

Office Time : 9 hours. a day including lunch time. 5 days a week. Other expenses
during work execution should be paid advance or within 10 days from date of expense.
No responsiblity on employee for failure of any device, equipment or technology.

grunt starter 2

//Grunt is just JavaScript running in node, after all…
module.exports = function(grunt) {

// All upfront config goes in a massive nested object.
// You can set arbitrary key-value pairs.
distFolder: ‘dist’,
// You can also set the value of a key as parsed JSON.
// Allows us to reference properties we declared in package.json.
pkg: grunt.file.readJSON(‘package.json’),
// Grunt tasks are associated with specific properties.
// these names generally match their npm package name.
concat: {
// Specify some options, usually specific to each plugin.
options: {
// Specifies string to be inserted between concatenated files.
separator: ‘;’
// ‘dist’ is what is called a “target.”
// It’s a way of specifying different sub-tasks or modes.
dist: {
// The files to concatenate:
// Notice the wildcard, which is automatically expanded.
src: [‘scripts/*.js’],
// The destination file:
// Notice the angle-bracketed ERB-like templating,
// which allows you to reference other properties.
// This is equivalent to ‘dist/main.js’.
dest: ‘<%= distFolder %>/main.js’
// You can reference any grunt config property you want.
// Ex: ‘<%= concat.options.separator %>’ instead of ‘;’
}); // The end of grunt.initConfig

// We’ve set up each task’s configuration.
// Now actually load the tasks.
// This will do a lookup similar to node’s require() function.

// Register our own custom task alias.
grunt.registerTask(‘build’, [‘concat’]);

grunt js injector error for generator-angularjs-cordova

It’s because of grunt-injector line endings. See this issue.

To avoid that you could configure grunt injector to work with default grunt line endings:

injector: {
 options: {
 lineEnding: grunt.util.linefeed


Doing that, you will have to configure your Git line endings setting in case you work on different platforms. Assuming you are on Windows and pulling a file from Linux, you will obtain after the injection process a mixed LF and CR/LF file (LF in all the HTML file and CR/LF bewteen <!– injector:js –> tags) and the grunt-build plugin will not work.

You can use this Sublime Text plugin to see line endings on your file.

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