grunt js injector error for generator-angularjs-cordova

It’s because of grunt-injector line endings. See this issue.

To avoid that you could configure grunt injector to work with default grunt line endings:

injector: {
 options: {
 lineEnding: grunt.util.linefeed


Doing that, you will have to configure your Git line endings setting in case you work on different platforms. Assuming you are on Windows and pulling a file from Linux, you will obtain after the injection process a mixed LF and CR/LF file (LF in all the HTML file and CR/LF bewteen <!– injector:js –> tags) and the grunt-build plugin will not work.

You can use this Sublime Text plugin to see line endings on your file.

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Extra h2 tags in body

or at

comment out or delete below xml content found in this template file
Following piece of xml generate unknown h2 tags in template

//echo base64_decode($xml);

or through js
//$$('div#rt-page-surround > h2').set('html','');
//$$('div#rt-page-surround > h2').destroy();