A question to Dr. Michio Kaku as on March 2015


I have a science question for Dr. Michio Kaku​.

If it get solved then the answer could increase the amount of science in world.

Let think that science is a unit of measurement.

And as I got heard from Dr. Kaku that 3 people which I too believe are the most important players of world science.
Neuton, Einstein and Darwin

Neuton + Einstein + Darwin = x science

Here I need the value of x to be calculated.

I am aiming my life to multiple it with 10 and yes in current scenario of 21st century.

The above said line is hard to give an understanding. But I respect the words of Dr. Kaku who said that if you cannot help your theory to be understandable by a child then it is of no use.

Yes I want to make it understandable because if I have something related to science and if I want to share it globally then it should be communicable.
But that is crux with me which according to my is a thing which Dr. Kaku can solve.

And as a last wrapping words I would like to use this opportunity to appreciate Dr. Kaku’s whole lifetime work.

As a request I would like if Dr. Kaku will add a scientist on first rank of his list and make total to 4.

That scientist who do not get attention by any one. We use his invention so vastly in our day to day life that even our sun is jealous of it.

Yes, that is the reason why I said this is one of the biggest invention we live with. Any guess!!!!!!!

Inventor of fire. The person who invented fire. Nobody knows his name. We cook our food on fire. In my perspective the most important invention which helped human to come out of cold ages is fire.

Thank You
To Reader

Have a good life
Happy Humanity


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