Hybrid mobile application project

Me – I design a lot and technology is game which I usually like to play a lot.

I have seen people trying to do this or that but with me its totally creative.

Just Play – Get pleasure out of every technology in market.

In my childhood I love gaming. So the same I pursue in my work.

Web space is a playground. And I create the game here which users play.

I put myself into whatever it takes to make my projects outstanding in comparison of what I have done previously.

I never compare myself with other when it comes to hard work. Because in my computer career of 6 years as on July, 2014 , I have not seen a single person or even group of people together match my performance in terms of robust, controlled, tested and creativity system development.

Now you might be saying that I do not lot of exposure in terms of people. But let me tell you that I have travelled 18 states of India. I am 26 in age as on July,2014. I give interview to one company every months to explore new things in market. And my skillset

I have used most of web technologies available in world today. Because I play a role of Senior Web Designer cum Developer.
Means I use every technology which a designer use and also what a developer does in his usual career.
I have six years of experience in computer field in education, I have 2 yrs. diploma in computer hardware and networking.
Other 2yr diploma in web technologies.
3yr. graduate degree (Bachelor of Computer Application). My web work profile is at greatwebist.wordpress.com
As a designer I have skill of
html -> html5, YAML
Css-> css2, css3, less, sass
Js -> jquery, raphael, node, ng, grunt, gulp, bower, yo, ionic
Core java for android applications is in explore mode as on March, 2015
cms i have used -> wordpress, joomla, magento, drupal, pyrocms, fuelcms
I too have my know custom made cms
php frameworks -> joomla, codeigniter, zend, cakephp


I contributed to bootstrap also I have recently shared my version of bootstrap at


My version has magic of working below 480px too. and onmediaquery js inbuilt with lots of example pages on jq, bs, onmediaquery etc.

I have a development version of  Codeigniter + Joomla 3. Which is used in http://ashishrgarg.co.in


I love the open source computer world. And now after experience of around 3 yrs in web. I have started my work of watering the roots of open source computer world.

I bet on above said words. You can go and surf out every project of my career. And you will always find something new in each always.

I get less paid and I am very satisfied of it. Because working like a labour is not my style of doing.

If you respect yourself, I think you should respect your work to and make it grow to heights of no limit.

I believe that one day, I will design a new operating system something more than apple and less than linux. For the time web is my way of gaining fast experience at low cost.

Enough talking I suppose for today.

Surf out my project now and review/comment them.


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